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Final Appointment

So the long-awaited day is finally here. Today was my last appointment with my hand surgeon at Boston Children's Hospital. I had great luck in my recovery and was given excellent treatment, and as a result, I have recovered almost 100% of my original function. Finger isolation can be a bit difficult sometimes although my doctor recommended I keep practicing guitar to improve it.

Sensation is still dull in some areas although because it appears that the whole hand is at least "waking up," I should regain full feeling. I know it is waking up because I can feel pressure and touch but it is tingly. My doctor said that although he thought it was possible for me to have full feeling back by now, it could take up to a year and a half post-surgery. I currently have gross sensation (I can feel texture vaguely but cannot differentiate things like quarters from nickels or pennies from dimes). I am told this will improve and I should regain normal sensation hopefully by next May (one year and nine months post-op). While I have no further updates on recovery, I am more than happy to take questions. Feel free to email questions to

Other than that, thank you for reading and I wish you all best of luck in your recovery, Always remember that surgery gives you the opportunity to recover, but your own occupational therapy is what gives you the actual ability.

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