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Check-Up With Therapist (14.5 Weeks Post-Op)

Just had another check-up with my occupational therapist and she evaluated my hand after the two weeks of no in-office therapy. The scar tissue is now not breaking up as well as planned, but it is still not a big problem. I am, however, getting ultrasound for it in order to help break it down faster (this is in addition to my scar massage). I also have been told to practice isolating my fingers when I stretch them. Even though I can make a relatively strong fist now, I cannot give a thumbs up, put up my middle finger only, etc., because the tendons seem to only be able to move as a unit. I have to hold all fingers down except the middle (or whichever I’m stretching) to help separate them. I am continuing to squeeze my putty as well to regain strength. My other new exercise is pushups. This will stretch my wrist back as well as bring strength to my arm. I have tried lifting and although I can hold up to 30lb weights now, I cannot bench because the bar presses my wrist back too hard (using a wrist brace may alleviate this stress). I am back to therapy about once-a-week and will continue to update as I get feedback from my therapist.

My nerve is growing back very quickly as well, and I can now feel texture on most of my palm and thumb, which were previously numb. My index and middle fingers are still not back to normal although they feel completely different than before. Instead of just nothingness, the entire finger lights up with an electrical feeling, even more than before. This is a good sign because that is what happened to the thumb before I got feeling back.

Other than all of this I have no new updates, but as always, I am happy to answer any questions, and commentary with any kind of feedback would be great! I’d love to know if there is anything I can add/do to improve the quality of the blog.

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