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Hair Color and Feeling (13 Weeks Post-Op)

A while back I noted that the hair on my arm that had been under the cast had turned from light brown to black. I thought this was kind of weird but I guess it is normal. I just shaved it and it grew back the original color and length, so if you have the same problem, there is your solution.

Also, my fingers that had been numb are truly waking up now! I can feel that electric nerve feeling as I type this post (which I previously couldn’t). This is a big step and decently ahead of schedule in terms of the re-growth rate of the median nerve. I am still keeping up with ALL occupational therapy as well. It is the most important part of recovery. Surgery gives you the opportunity to regain mobility, but occupational therapy gives you the actual ability to. I still massage my scar and the swelling on the tendons from where they were sewn back together (see older post on the swelling if you would like clarification) and I squeeze the putty all day long. I also have some fine motor therapy techniques which I am working on, and I will post videos of those soon. Lastly, I am still practicing bending back my hand to stretch out the tendons. I can’t quite yet do pushups but I am almost there (hopefully soon I can do wall push-ups like the ones in this picture).

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