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Working on the Little Things

I haven’t posted in awhile but as I stated before it is because the improvements I am making now are much smaller and it would seem insignificant to post for each and every one. But, as of now, I am back playing the piano and I am continuing to get sensation back in my fingers which is great. There is still a long way to go in terms of regaining feeling, but soon enough I’ll be there.

The main aspects I am still trying to work on are being able to do pushups (if I do them now I can bend my wrist far enough back but under the weight it shakes uncontrollably and I have to stop) and individual finger movements (pointing, giving a thumbs up, or holding any one finger up by itself while the others are down). My doctor says I am allowed to work out now though. I wear a wrist brace to support that shaking I mentioned, and I do small weight exercises. I have been told to go by my own judgement of pain and stop if I am in any or if it seems threatening (it is usually easy to tell at this point what is good pain and what is bad). The most I can really hold in my hand now though is twenty/twenty-five pounds; I expect this to improve. Anyway, again, good luck and I will check back in after my therapy session next week. All questions are welcome, post them anywhere on the blog.

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