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Feeling & Mobility (12 Weeks Post-Op)

Just checking in to discuss some of the nerve recovery and my present abilities in terms of movement. For movement, I am able to make a full, decently strong fist with no pain or pinching feelings on the tendons or scar. This is a great improvement for me although I still am unable to really differentiate which fingers I would like to use. In other words, I can’t make fluid isolated movements. For example, I cannot give a thumbs up because when I close my index finger, my thumb bends down and cannot go up on its own (if I put my thumb up anyway, my index finger pops out into a pointer). I also cannot individually bend any of my fingers down without the others bending or feeling stress on the tendons. This is making it difficult for me to return to playing the guitar although I have enough ability to play piano. What also plays a role in my day-to-day activities is sensation in my hand. I currently still have very limited sensation, and the muscle that controls the thumb still does not have much strength/innervation, so I am having trouble opening my grip wide enough to do things like pick up bottles and cans actively with no passive assistance. In order to abduct my thumb, I will need more strength in two of the thenar muscles (abductor pollicis brevis and opponens pollicis). This should come with time.

In terms of feeling though I am getting weird electrical sensations in my fingers when I put pressure on them. I don’t know if that is exactly normal although it does’nt hurt, it's just weird. Anyway, I have therapy in a week. I will post then with updates.

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