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Occupational Therapy Visit (11 Weeks Post-Op)

I visited my occupational therapist again yesterday for our routine second visit of the week and we worked more on improving fine motor skills. She put little pegs in a ball of putty and I had to fish them out with only my recovering hand and then place them in a peg board (see picture above). I also had to twirl a thin stick between my fingers and practice maneuvering these two metal Chinese balls in my hand without them touching one another. They make a ringing sound when they touch, so the idea is to manipulate them in your hand without making a sound. I then continued to squeeze the therapeutic putty and stretch my hand backwards to loosen up my wrist some more. She told me at the end of our session that my hand is now classified as functional, and as I continue to practice my exercises I will recover fully normal function. I’ve also been practicing pinching the putty with my thumb and each individual finger to improve the strength, but without the nerve grown back yet it is difficult.

My therapist concluded by saying that from now on I will not need twice-a-week sessions, but rather once a week for two weeks, then every other week. In January, I will only need to come in every once in awhile to present to her how much progress I have made. Things seem to be going very well.

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