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Check-In at 11 Weeks Post-Op/5 Weeks Out of Cast and in Therapy

I have not updated the blog in a few days because now that I have had so much improvement, the further progress I make is less noticeable in comparison. I can now make a full fist with a decent grip (my strength was measured at 1/5th grip strength of my right hand). I wanted to post this video that I forgot I had in order to show how much my mobility has improved. In this video, the mobility you see is all I had at about 1-2 weeks after getting the cast off. I was incredibly nervous at that point about not regaining much more mobility, although as you know now, that was not any indicator of what the final outcome will be. Through dedication to my at home occupational therapy and sessions with my therapist who is incredibly motivating, I have been able to start to live normally again. I still have not had much improvement in sensation although I have been told that that will take the most time and I am projected to get it almost all back. As of now, I am working on stretching my hand backwards toward pushup position and I now able to bend my wrist back to 80 degrees (passively). I also have been squeezing putty a lot to improve my strength and it is doing wonders for me. Of course, any questions, comments, and concerns are more than welcome. If anyone else is struggling with a similar problem/recovery feel free to ask. Other than that, I will check in tomorrow after meeting with my doctor. Best of luck to anyone else going through this process.

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