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Scar Tissue

Just got out of therapy and everything seems to be looking good and still on track. My wrist bends back actively 50-55 degrees and passively to 70 and all of my joints are bending to about 70-80 degrees actively now which is great, they are almost normal. My therapist says that as long as I can passively bend my wrist back further passively that means there is further potential to bend back further actively. For example, because I can bend back passively to 70 degrees, that means through stretching I am potentially capable of eventually actively bending back to 70 degrees.

In terms of scar tissue, it is looking like there is still that lump/build up over the tendons which is getting caught on the scar from the incision. It currently seems like it is not causing too much obstruction, although to be safe my therapist and I plan to begin ultrasound treatment at my next session. The ultrasound helps break down the scar tissue by breaking down any edema that might be in there. If you have scar tissue and are considering this as an option before another surgery to remove scar tissue, obviously check with your doctor before making this decision. I am 21 years old and am considered to be done growing. Younger patients are not advised to undergo ultrasound treatment because it can stunt the growth plate in the wrist. If your doctor says it will not cause problems for you in terms of growth plate or nerve demage then perhaps it is an option to consider before another surgery, but absolutely do not do so before consulting your doctor!

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