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Keeping Positive

I’ll be honest, for the first couple of weeks with the cast off and especially the first week or two of therapy I was incredibly negative about the recovery process. I couldn’t straighten my hand at all, it was always bent in an awkward egyptian-type angle, and I couldn’t do anything more than flinch my fingers. I actually was genuinely concerned I would not get movement back. However, it wasn’t worth being upset about because I realized quickly that I WILL recover from this, it just takes time and dedication. On the track I am on, I should get full mobility/flexibility back. Now I can bend my hand back passively about 60 degrees and I can just about close a tight fist. It may take a lot of time to start seeing results but by doing the tedious exercises, stretches, and therapy non-stop every day for weeks I am now seeing how much I have improved since I came out of the cast. I barely even need my splint anymore, I only use it if I feel like I am sincerely at risk for re-injuring my hand (activities I stay away from now anyway like skateboarding, wrestling, etc.). Don’t be discouraged by the slow recovery process because if your doctor says there's even a chance of recovery, you can do it so long as you remain dedicated to all therapeutic instructions. With the right motivation you may even surprise people who thought you would not be able to recover fully.

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