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You May Need Gloves

My next therapy session is tomorrow and all my joints will be measured. I continue using my hand in daily activities like opening cabinets, bottles, zipping up back-packs and jackets, etc. Nothing too stressful, but these are good exercises for improving fine motor skills. Again, I am far from being back to normal, but it is a huge improvement from when the cast was first taken off. I wanted to post today especially because as I am walking to and from classes all day my hands are freezing. My left hand (injured hand) gets especially cold and it is important to keep it warm. The cold could cause frostbite as it gets colder and because I still don’t have a lot of feeling, it might be hard to tell if I do get it. For this reason, gloves are key. Additionally it is just uncomfortable, my hand freezes and remains cold for about 30 minutes after getting inside. Always bring gloves when you go out if you live in a cold region.

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