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Update With Therapist and Scar Tissue

I met with my therapist yesterday and we began progressing with new activities in our sessions. We used to spend most of the time stretching and loosening my hand although yesterday we practiced fine motor activities. I opened bottles of all sorts (water bottles, prescription pill bottles, etc.) and put little pegs into a peg board. I also tried picking up these small disks about the size of pennies. This proved especially hard because not only do I have very limited dexterity still, but my lack of sensation makes it difficult to tell if I am even touching the objects. I did seem to make some good progress though and I am very close to being able to make a fist. Likewise, my hand now can bend backwards up to 45-50 degrees which is definitely some improvement (I will post pictures). In the meantime I am just supposed to keep using my hand regularly for small tasks and fine motor activities that do not stress the tendons too much. We will see at my next visit what the measurements of my joints are looking like. The video posted here is just to show how the tendons pull on the scar. By looking closely you will see the scar pull up and down as my hand opens up and then relaxes.

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