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Consider Using Hot Water to Loosen Up the Hand for Stretching

I can bend my wrist back to 35 degrees actively (with no assistance) and up to 40 degrees after my stretching it out with my therapist. Some of the techniques we are working on involve using the hot sand box, which is where I put my hand in a box of hot sand for up to 10 minutes. It relaxes and loosens the hand and helps to improve mobility. This helps a lot so I also try to stretch my hand in the shower and soak it in a bucket of hot water while watching TV before beginning exercises. I also have been told that I do not need to wear my brace anymore unless I am engaging in risky activity (for example going to a party, riding the train, etc.). I also try to carry bottles and cans whenever I can to help strengthen my grip. Squeezing putty also helps with the strength building too so if you have some definitely try it (make sure you have been cleared to perform active flexion before doing so). I also posted a cool video of my hand in the ER before it got sewed up if you want to check it out! Here is what it currently looks like though.

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