Want to Learn More?


This page serves to provide you with additional resources so you can get help and learn more about flexor tendon injuries and their treatment. While my Timeline presents a first-hand account of what recovering from a flexor tendon injury is like, I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice. The sites below are a few that I have found helpful in providing very detailed medical information as well as personal support. 

American Society for Surgery of the Hand

This site provides information regarding the anatomy of the hand and arm as well as general information about surgery, the healing process, and occupational therapy.

Median Nerve Recovery: Sensory Reeducation

Clicking this link will bring you to a PDF file of a paper written on how sensory reeducation works and how to regain sensation in your hand as best you can after nerve repair. 

OrthoInfo (Provided by the AAOS)

This site is hosted by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and provides information an an array of flexor tendon injuries (not just lacerations). It reviews how to test for a flexor tendon injury, symptoms, anatomy of the hand, treatment, and much more.

Boston Children's Hospital: Orthopedics and PT/OT

Having recieved all medical treatment for this inury at Boston Children's Hospital, I can assure that both the team that performed my surgery and the occupational therapy staff are incredible resources for support.