I'm always interested in helping others with this kind of injury however I can. If you have any questions or would like guidance please feel free to email me and I will help get you on the right track to recovery. Please include the following information in your email so I can provide the best advice possible:


  • When was your injury?

  • Were your tendons lacerated, torn, or crushed?

  • Exactly which and how many tendons/nerves were injured?

  • What zone is your injury in?

  • Did you begin occupational therapy immediately or were you splinted/casted?

    • If casted or splinted, for how long?

  • Where did you receive medical care (which hospital)

  • Have you been told to refrain from active motion?

  • Are you interested in Skype conferencing?


I will usually be in touch within a day or two of receiving your email. 


Best of luck in your recovery!



Or, contact us via Skype:

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